Debate at Caffè Reggio

Domenico Parisi

Caffè Reggio is frequented by Set and his friends, notably the blind piano tuner.

Cappuccino first became popular in Italy at the beginning of the last century, and soon after was introduced in America by the original owner of Caffè Reggio, Domenico Parisi. Its splendid espresso machine, made in 1902, was the first of its kind. Its ornate chrome and bronze exterior houses an impressive marriage of engineering and design. Given pride of place in the caffe, the machine symbolizes its rich history as pioneers of taste.

A dramatic 16th century painting from the school of Caravaggio and an antique bench which once belonged to the Medici family bearing their Florentine crest are among the works that impart a feeling of grace and warmth to Caffè Reggio.

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