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Csimplot Simplot, Goodreads member 

This novel is just extraordinary. By my colleague, Declan Dunne. It’s about Joyce and Ulysses and censorship and writing and words and Nazis and love and friendship and lots of other stuff too. Very funny, very moving, very clever.

David McCullagh, Historian and journalist with RTÉ, presenter of Prime Time and This Week

Dunne is walking a fine line in the writing of this book, and he walks it almost perfectly.

Kenedi Kruger, English junior and Life & Arts writer for The Battalion

It’s early days yet but my book of 2019 so far is Set at Random by Declan Dunne. Fascinating weaving of fact and imagination centred around James Joyce’s Ulysses but looping in the Great Depression, WW II, the coming of age of a young boy.

Lisa Pereira, Studio and Web Producer, RTÉ


Gunther Rogahn, author

It is a staggeringly beautiful and well written book, a privilege to read.

Darragh Wilson

A rollicking read, ingeniously merging transatlantic fact and fiction.

Ray Burke, author, Joyce County: Galway and James Joyce

Bernard Kean, Liverpool

Really enjoyed this very clever book.

I loved “Set at Random”. A great story with wonderful characters. A thoroughly excellent read.

Cathy Cregan, Journalist and broadcaster

I just started reading it today. Only a few pages in and I’m hooked.

Ciara Ní Bhroin, broadcaster and journalist.

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