At the start there was everything, at the end there was even more

Set at Random is a book about us. It delves into the past, the present and the future. This triangular kaleidoscope is the view of the protagonist, Set Wright, whose adventures lead him to the greatest writer of the age and perhaps of any age: James Joyce.

The story ranges from the Wall Street Crash, the Great Depression, Prohibition, mobsters, puritanical societies, courageous publishers, racism and several cups of coffee at Caffè Reggio in Greenwich Village.

On his journey Set encounters those who try their best to thwart him and those who try to help him. However, his destiny remains ultimately in his own hands. How Set shapes his future is honed from his experiences in the past and those he expects to engulf him in the future.

The tragedies of the age pose formidable challenges to Set and his friends; challenges they must meet with courage and tenacity.

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